Mt. Blanchard

Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) once owned land in the village of Mount Blanchard, which was originally known as “Blanchard.” Platted in 1830 by Asa Lake, the village was named for pioneer Jean Jacques Blanchard. The village has some bragging rights as it was home to the first high school in the county outside of the City of Findlay – the Mount Blanchard Union School. Later, the village became known as Mount Blanchard due to its lofty elevation over the Blanchard River Valley.

Why are so many things attributed to “Hurricanes” in this village? Prior to 1962, the village was its own school district, and they were known as the Hurricanes. At Hurricane Park (the original site of the school) you’ll find a gazebo with occasional band concerts, and the Hurricane Pub can be found a little further up Main St.

The village has a community pool, and three parks. Today, students in Mount Blanchard are part of the Riverdale Local School District. Go Falcons! It is located near Vanlue and Arlington.

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