Hancock County, Ohio

Benjamin Todd laid out what was known as “Todd Town” in 1847, consisting of 18 lots. This was a trading center. Then from 1847 until 1858, the village was known as “Pleasantville” (likely because it located in Pleasant Township). Because there was already a Pleasantville in Ohio, which had been incorporated earlier, the counsel of Elisha Fout was sought. Mr. Fout served active duty in the War of 1812 under the command of Alexander Macomb, the second Commanding General of the United States Army. Mr. Fout was Scottish and his way of spelling was “McComb.”

As the largest village in Hancock County, there are just under 2,000 residents today. The village has a quaint downtown, a public library, and just up the road at the McComb Local School District’s campus, you’ll find yourself in the heart of “Panther Country.” It is northwest of the city Findlay.

Many know McComb by its “cookie factory,” The Consolidated Biscuit Company (CBC) began in 1963 and is one of the larger employers in Hancock County. CBC is the reason the village celebrates the annual Cookie Festival each summer.

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